How to get to Gubbio


*   By train

*   By plane

*   By car

By train


The closest train station to Gubbio is Fossato di Vico, also called Fossato di Vico/Gubbio. It's about 20km from Gubbio. For your arrival we will organise a shuttle service from the station that will bring you to your hotel. Fossato di Vico has a direct link to Ancona and Rome (Roma Termini). From the former station it takes about 1:15 hrs, while from the latter it takes 2:30 hrs. Information on train timetables and connections can be found at

As regards your return journey, there is also a bus connecting the train station Fossato di Vico with Gubbio. The bus ride takes about 35 minutes and buses depart from the main square Piazza 40 Martiri. Details about departure times can be found here. On Sundays buses depart at 6.35am, 11.30am, 12.50pm, 4.45pm and 6.30pm, and more frequently on all other days. Single tickets cost 2.40 Euro and can be bought at newsagents or on the bus. The latter is slightly more expensive.


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By plane


The two airports that are most convenient and closest to Gubbio are Ancona and Rome Fiumicino. In both cases it is straightforward to get to the respective train station, where the train to Fossato di Vico will depart (see above).

Three further possibilities, not as convenient as the previous ones, are the airports of Rimini, Rome Ciampino and Perugia. Rimini airport has a bus shuttle to Rimini train station, from where one can reach Fossato di Vico with a change in Ancona, in about 2:30 hrs. Roma Ciampino has a bus shuttle to Ciampino train station, from where one can reach Fossato di Vico, with a change at Roma Termini, in about 3 - 3:30 hrs. Some low cost airlines, e.g. ryanair, offer a direct bus shuttle from Rome Ciampino to the station Roma Termini in connection with their flights (details on their web pages and here). Perugia airport has a bus shuttle to Perugia, where one can walk to the place from where the coach to Gubbio departs (about 2 hrs overall).

From all other airports in central Italy, like Florence, Pisa and Bologna, the train connection to Gubbio is not very good and it could take more than 4 hrs to reach Gubbio from the airport. In these cases, it would be advisable to rent a car at the airport. Of course this possibility also exists for the airports mentioned at the beginning. Many airlines offer car rentals in connection with their flights and airport web pages usually give information about car rentals as well.

A useful web page to buy flight tickets is As for low-cost airlines that fly to Italy, the best options are ryanair, which offers direct flights from London Stansted to Ancona and Rome Ciampino, and Volareweb, which offers direct flights from London Gatwick to Rimini.


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By car


A good route planner can be found at


To go from the airport of Rome Ciampino to Gubbio takes about 2:30 - 3hrs. See the directions below.


o       Exit Airport car park and follow Autostrade, to join the circular ring around Rome (Grande Raccordo Anulare)

o       Follow Firenze/Roma Nord and leave ring at exit 10 for A1

o       Follow Firenze to enter the A1 (get ticket at toll station)

o       Exit A1 at Orte (pay €3 at toll station)

o       Follow Cesena and after about 10km take exit Perugia/Cesena to join E45

o       Follow Cesena until exit Bosco/Gubbio (on the way pass Terni, Narni, Todi)

o       After exit turn left to follow Gubbio

o       After about 30km arrive at Gubbio


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